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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

US activates missile defense amid N. Korea concern
Remember how they ridiculed Reagan's "Star Wars" system as an impossible joke? Well, the first part went live last week...
Some of the comments back then:
The New York Times: "a pipe dream, a projection of fantasy into policy."
The Chicago Sun-Times: "an appalling disservice" even to propose such a system.
Michael Dukakis: "Reagan administration's SDI program is a fantasy--a technological illusion which most scientists say cannot be achieved in the foreseeable future. The defenses they envision won't make the United States more secure."
Jesse Jackson: "Star Wars is a cruel hoax. It offers an impossible technological solution to a political problem. It will cost over a trillion dollars if pursued, and in the end will not produce a defense but an arms race in the heavens. Our coffers will be robbed; our science distorted."


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