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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

From the Glass Houses and Stone Throwing File:
"Democrat congressional candidate Mike Arcuri, while serving as district attorney of Oneida County, N.Y., has billed taxpayers for several questionable expenses, including a call to a phone-sex hotline, according to records obtained by"

Just the other day we covered the pervo Congressman and his nasty IM scandal. I mentioned at the time that this should have come as no surprise, as research had revealed that "those in elected positions are undoubtedly the most sexually perverse and deviant of us all. Golden Showers, Brown Showers, Dirty Sanchezes - you name it, both Senators and Representatives were into it *bigtime*."

The most surprising thing of all is that those who outed Foley somehow seemed to think that the story would be contained to just him. Sorry - it just don't work that way. Now that the Rubicon has been crossed so close to the election, we should prepare ourselves for an avalanche of Congressional filth, the likes of which will make Clinton's experience look tame by comparison.


Worst Blog Ever said...

Worst blog ever.

gawker said...

you are pretty much out of the loop. The scandal is not just about foley's pedophilia but about the fact that the republican house leadership chose to keep it under wraps for political reasons. Thus, it ceases to be just about one republican pedophile and brings the ethics of the entire republican house leadership into question. And that is the issue which your blogpost appears to have missed.

Karl said...

Dear Gawker,
I disagree. As any review of sex scandals reveals, concealment for political purposes is de rigeur. One need only review the list of sex scandals the WaPo put up the other day (see my previous blog entry for the link). In each of those cases there is the standard behavior pattern among the suspect and his followers, perhaps best immortalized by Clinton's "Deny, Deny, Deny!", and Albright's "I believe the President".

The fact that the gloves are off is what should worry every politician. There are plenty of people out there who have private photos or videos and who are just waiting to jump into the fray for the right price. And as Sexual Profiles of Men in Power reveals, this is an issue that confronts ALL those in power, regardless of their political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

you 'swift boated' kerry, don't tell me rove will 'swift boat' the entire democratic party.

There is no way that rove is that good. 00, 02, and 04, were abberations.

submandave said...

"The scandal is not just about foley's pedophilia ..."

Without defending Foley, I am curoius for an explaination of how an inappropriate sexual advance to a young but sexually mature individual is the same as "pedophilia" (i.e. sexual attraction to prepubescent children).

Words have meaning. You may have a valid point, but when I hear shrill over-the-top inaccuracies in regard to this matter I automatically take the speaker to be a sensationalist partisan.

Karl said...

"[Y]ou 'swift boated' kerry, don't tell me rove will 'swift boat' the entire democratic party."

I suggest this is perhaps the only truly bipartisan issue out there. Both sides, yes, I repeat BOTH SIDES, are filled with sex-crazed deviants and now that all is fair, it's not a matter of "swift-boating" one side or the other. It's a freaking free-for-all where any of us unknowns can emerge with a video, photo, email or IM log and toss it into the hopper.

Enjoy All!

Anonymous said...

When is the gop going to actually start campaigning?

I know they have a huge cash advantage, but surely they will not wait until the last two weeks before election?

That would just make too much sense.

Red Paul said...

Democrats sat on this for some time, awaiting the proper time to use it for best political affect. Unfortunately, that scheme will backfire on them as more Dims are obviously perverse than Republicans. They will all be rooted out now and shown to be the deviants they are. Good!

Eric Blair said...

Yup, its already started:

Very astute, Karl.


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