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Monday, July 31, 2006

SETI urged to fess up over alien signals
"Alien hunters today pounded the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute here with e-mails and phone calls, following claims made this weekend that the organization has covered up the detection of signals from space.

Allegations of a SETI cover up were made last night on the fringe-friendly Coast to Coast radio show hosted by Art Bell. During the broadcast, professional SETI watcher Steven Greer, the CEO of Space Energy Access Systems, claimed that insiders told him that SETI discovered a high concentration of signals from space, and that another organization stepped in to block those signals. SETI, however, maintains that it has not seen any signals of note."
N. Korea Update: Women's Sports and Amusement Games Held
They competed in more than 10 events such as mass rhythmic exercise, jumping over flower-decorated rope, relay, looking for the person whose name is written on a piece of paper, Yut game, swing and seesawing. Whenever spectacular success was made, supporters broke into warm applause and cheers.
A tug-of-war was the climax of the games.
The contestants of the two groups demonstrated the unity and optimism of the Korean women.
Wine-tasting robot to spot fraudulent bottles:
"A robotic wine taster, capable of distinguishing between 30 different varieties or blends of grape, has been developed by engineers in Japan"
A Nation of Wimps
How is it that the so-called "Greatest Generation" gave birth to the "Worthless Generation" that came of age in the 60's, which in turn has given birth to our current "Useless Generation"?
Baboons turn on builders as their home is demolished:
"'The problem with animals is that you can't tell them they'll have new, deluxe accommodation within a few weeks."
Beard-pluck demand is sex harassment:
"'Asking a female colleague to pluck your beard is totally inappropriate and illegal,' the judge said as he ordered the man and the government, as his employer, to pay a total of almost £2,700 in compensation."
Feather Shortage Vexes Badminton Players
"Among the unsung victims of recent outbreaks of bird flu is the shuttlecock. Chinese geese have been slaughtered by the millions to prevent the spread of the disease, and that has left a shortage of the fine feathers used to make the badminton projectiles."
Cops: Wife Pulls Gun on Pastor in Church
"Larry Estes was hired as the church's minister more than a year ago. He also is the owner of DaBoyz Plumbing."
Britain's beery cheer for summer
"Thirsty pub-goers have downed 815million pints of beer in just six weeks, it emerged.

And 2006 is on target to become the booziest summer ever"
The TV Deal the NBA Wishes It Had Not Made
Greatest business deal in sports history!
A spy among us?
"A Soviet mole might have smuggled deadly viruses out of a Maryland army base in the 1980's, experts says"
Diplomacy is futile
"It was Mr. Spock, the always logical, incisive 'alien' on the Star Trek series, who came up with the phrase that defines our world today: 'The purpose of diplomacy is to prolong a crisis.'"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hollywood split over Mel Gibson's future
"One media expert said Gibson irreparably damaged his career with his 'crazy' behavior following his arrest by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies in Malibu early Friday."

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Man Accused of Biting Off Rooster's Head
"Humberto Rodriguez, 52, told agents that he bit the rooster's head off because he blamed it for injuring a pet pigeon that he also kept in the apartment"
Iranian Leader Bans Usage of Foreign Words:
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural bodies to use modified Persian words to replace foreign words that have crept into the language, such as 'pizzas' which will now be known as 'elastic loaves,' state media reported Saturday."
Drugs 'tsunami' drowns Indonesia:
"Tons of drugs and medical equipment sent to Indonesia in response to major disasters is damaged, out of date and unusable"
N.Korea Update: Kim Jong Il Highly Praised in Different Countries
"[U]nder the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il the DPRK has confidently advanced along the path chosen by itself, unshaken in any storm, and creditably protected the dignity of the country, resolutely frustrating the pressure and offensive of the imperialist allied forces with the might of Songun. "
George Michael defends 'cruising' lifestyle
"'I have been doing this on and off since I was a teenager and never once seen violence,' he told ITV newscaster Nina Hossain. 'If I want to see violence or what I call shameful behaviour, the idea that women in clubs these days have to hold their hand over their drink for fear of being drugged...

'Please don't tell me as a member of the straight community that I am taking risks. I know what I do and I am sorry, but we should not be taking questions like this, from straight women in particular.'"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hollywood Big Blasts Lohan
"Lindsay Lohan's hard-partying antics and recent bout of 'heat exhaustion' has left one Hollywood big shot steamed, The Smoking Gun has learned. In a blistering July 26 letter to the 20-year-old actress, James G. Robinson, who heads the L.A. firm producing Lohan's current movie, calls her recent errat"

As usual, TSG has a copy of the letter for all of us to see!
Inmate Sends Threats With His Real Name
"'Just when you think you'd seen it all, a case like Mr. Bilby's comes along,' U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie said Tuesday after Bilby pleaded guilty in Trenton to a federal charge of false information. 'I think it's fair to say we were not dealing with a great criminal mind here.'"
Bottle Rockets Ruffle Chicken's Feathers
Update to last week's story
Shoeaholic Epidemic Strikes Korea
"Shoes are the highest form of art,” says one typical victim of what has been called the End of History."
Memory And Computation Set For Cohabitation
"Scientists from Princeton University have turned semiconductors into magnets, potentially opening the door for computer chips that can both calculate and store data"
Naked sunbathers shock Albania
"Albanian police were speechless when around 30 Scandinavian women went topless, shocking local bathers and causing an uproar in an Albanian beach resort."
Poker buffs may bare all in tournament
"Next month, 200 poker buffs will risk baring all in an attempt to become the first World Strip Poker Champion"
Mistrial in cell phone assault case
"During five-day trial, Abell testified that she had been drinking that evening and did not remember how the phone ended up lodged in her throat. Gill said she tried to swallow it to prevent him from finding out whom she had been calling that night."
Cheeky monkeys' escape plan
"Four squirrel monkeys aped their idol yesterday – by escaping from London Zoo and going walkabout in the big smoke.

The cheeky primates fled their enclosure by jumping into a tree in Regent's Park. Keepers were sent to the park to find the four furry fugitives, who taunted their pursuers by repeatedly jumping between trees."
Botox ban for Muslims:
"Malaysia's highest Islamic authority has banned Muslims from using Botox injections for cosmetic purposes, reports said on Friday.

The National Fatwa Council on Thursday ruled the jabs were unsuitable because they contain prohibited substances, including some made from pigs, the New Straits Times reported."
Chess prodigy death plunge mystery
Another Czech defenestration
Dumb, dumber and dumbest
Unluckiest escapees of the week

Hat tip to Joey!
"'GOOD Day New York' anchor Jodi Applegate had an on-air meltdown yesterday when a pair of Internet pranksters simulated an unexpected power-tool mishap on the live show."
California heat kills 25,000 cattle
700,000 birds fall victim to the Sun as well.
Cake thrower risks 15 years
Use a cake, go to prison

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lego Kit to Build Better 'Bots
Lego upgrades their Mindstorm Robot kits!
Billionaire In Palm Beach Sex Scandal
God Bless!

"Frankly, there are too many dirty details in the affidavit to properly synopsize, but, if investigators are to be believed, Epstein has a thing for teenagers, vibrators, and assorted massage lotions."
Fossils Yield 10-Million-Year-Old Bone Marrow -- A First
"Fossilized bone marrow has been discovered in ten-million-year-old frogs and salamanders from an ancient lake bed in Spain, scientists announced Friday.

The specimens are the first examples of fossilized bone marrow ever to be discovered. They are so well preserved that the original color of the tissue is still visible."
Stray Dog Survives Euthanasia Chamber
Little Eichmanns running the Humane Shelter confused
Florida Police DUI Instructor Arrested for Drunk Driving:
"A veteran officer and police academy DUI instructor was driving drunk, naked from the waist down, and speeding on Florida's Turnpike at 90 mph when she was pulled over"
'Zombies' arrested in downtown Minneapolis:
"Six friends spruced up in fake blood and tattered clothing were arrested in downtown Minneapolis on suspicion of toting 'simulated weapons of mass destruction.'"

The zombies' photos are WELL WORTH the click!
Little boy is World War II pilot!
Spooky past life recollections align to an actual WW2 pilot in scary detail!
Man survives run-in with falling dog
"A man was bruised but alive on Wednesday after a Saint Bernard dog thrown out a two-story window landed on him as he was walking down the street in the southern-Polish city of Sosnowiec."
Court orders bullying in-law to pay up
"British woman awarded 35,000 pounds to compensate for the misery"
Plunge boy the big winner as £18m bets laid on rescue:
"While all of India was gripped last weekend by televised efforts to save a boy who had fallen into a 60ft-deep irrigation shaft, bookmakers took £18 million in bets on whether the child would survive."
Madonna's throne:
"MADONNA insists on being provided with a brand-new toilet seat at every venue she plays"
David Hasselhoff: Too drunk to fly
"An onlooker said: 'He was drinking alone and staring into space, He started ranting incoherently. It was clear he was talking about his wife and the messy divorce. Her was sobbing and nodding his head.'

During his drunken stupor the star stumbled into a duty free shop and lifted up the manageress.

Another witness revealed: 'The manager said, 'I don't think you're fit to fly, sir.' He told her. 'I think you are right.''

Onlookers were even more horrified when a dark wet patch appeared around the actor's groin area."
Station changes format from God to sex
"KFYE-FM hasn't budged from the Fresno-area dial, but it's about as far as you can get from the Christian music, sermons and Bible stories it was broadcasting until about a week ago."
The Best DUI Arrest In History
Well worth the click!

Hat tip to Kara for this gem!
Today is Bugs Bunny's 66th Birthday!
More on the Brooklyn-born wabbit and his amazing career here.
Fourteen-foot grizzly killed in Alaska
Humans Strike Back!
Forest service employee empties a clip from his semi-automatic rifle to stop it, then emptied more rounds into its head to be sure.
Snail that held up a bypass is 'extinct' in its new home
Insect-rights activists get their panties in a twist

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

US Senator's dad busted for lewd and disorderly conduct
"I love my father dearly," the senator said. "I do not condone his actions or behavior, and I am deeply disturbed by what I have learned. He clearly has some issues that need to be dealt with, and I will encourage him to seek the necessary help."
Battle of N.Y. blue bloods
Astor family dirt plastered all over NY Tabloids!
"HEAVY metal star Bruce Dickinson was returning to Britain last night after airlifting 200 Beirut evacuees to safety.
The Iron Maiden singer, also a professional pilot, flew a Boeing 757 to Cyprus, where the Brits had fled to escape the violence."
TomKat Wedding May Be Upon Us
Fate of alien child still unclear

Hat tip to Kara!
To heal a wound, turn up the voltage:
"It may sound like something out of Frankenstein, but electric currents applied to the skin could potentially speed up wound healing. Ironically, though the phenomenon was reported 150 years ago by the German physiologist Emil Du Bois-Reymond, it has been ignored ever since."
Japanese declared 'brain dead' in U.S., Canada make recovery in Japan
"Three Japanese people who lost consciousness while they were in the United States and Canada and were declared brain dead by local doctors made recoveries after being flown back to Japan, an insurance company has revealed."
Swiss authorities issue new rules for bears
If they don't obey, they will be shot
French police thwart joint-rolling world record attempt
"'At some point, these young people had wanted to craft a joint of 1.12 meters (3.67 feet) to beat the world record in the discipline and get it officially registered,' said a police officer in eastern France."
Horse’s head dumped in pool
"A councilwoman found a severed horse’s head in her swimming pool Tuesday, state police said."

You gotta love NY politics!
The Geekiest Thing Ever
Ace finds a spectacular Monty Python / Star Trek hybrid on youtube!
Robbery bears fruit:
"Two armed robbers escaped with a bag of strawberries instead of cash after a mix-up during a raid."
An alligator seized by police after being kept in a Leith bathtub is said to have settled in well at his new home in sunny Spain.
'We introduced him to a group of small Nile crocodiles as he was in good health and strong, but the first thing he did was try to dominate the group and he fought with the three biggest.'"
Activities divided by children squared equals 'Are we nearly there yet?'
"A professor of mathematics has worked out an equation to calculate how long into a car journey it takes a child to ask: 'Are we nearly there yet?'"
Frog washed overboard didn't croak - it sailed 10,000 miles
"A plastic frog bath toy has drifted 10,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to a Scottish beach.

One of 28,000 washed overboard from a cargo ship in 1992, it is the first to arrive in Europe."
Clever bees really do make a beeline to their nest
"Bumblebees are extraordinary navigators capable of finding their way home after being dumped up to eight miles away.

Scientists found that while the bees generally only travel about three miles from their nest to find food, they have a homing instinct that can guide them back from much further away."
ASBO official fined for soliciting in public toilet
For my non-British audience, ASBO stands for "Anti-Social Behavior Order"
'Synthetic Gecko' material paves the way for real-life Spider-Men
"Soldiers and spies of the future could be given special 'Spider-Man' suits, enabling them to climb up sheer surfaces and even stick to the ceiling, according to a leading British engineering firm."
Greenwald’s sock puppets: The worst blog scandal ever?
A very nice roundup of the top scandals to emerge from the political blogosphere over the last few years.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

George's 'wedding is off'
"George Michael and his American lover Kenny Goss have called off their gay 'wedding' after the pop star was discovered having an illicit encounter with a stranger in a London park."
Ireland Worker Finds Ancient Psalms in Bog
"The book was found open to a page describing, in Latin script, Psalm 83, in which God hears complaints of other nations' attempts to wipe out the name of Israel."

Interesting contemporary synchronicity with Psalm 83:

3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.

5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:

6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;

7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre"

Crocodile Gran:
"The pensioner grabbed a larger carving knife from her kitchen before shouting: 'That's not a knife, this is a knife!'"
Space date set for Scotty's ashes: "Star Trek actor James Doohan, who played the engineer Scotty in the original TV series, will now have his remains blasted into space in October."
Romeo's love note goes global
Will we *ever* learn to be careful when we write emails???
Bed sharing 'drains men's brains'
Men become more stupid every time they sleep with someone.
Echoes of Nazism in Tyre
More fun with the Hezbollah salute!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sounds of Summer: Martha Stewart Tables Shattering
Mothra encounters a new and deadly threat to her name and her biz. Let's see if she handles this PR crisis better than her own...
Man Cuts Off Hand At Butcher Shop, Police Say:
"'I'm not a terrorist. I did this for my family.'"
PBS Kids' Show Host Fired for Video
More intriguing judgement calls from PBS management
Dollar ban leaves Russian minister tongue-tied:
Dollars are now known as "that thing that you are not allowed to say anymore"
Police investigate prison cancer scam:
"The criminals, set free from a Gdansk prison on compassionate grounds between 2000 and 2005, reportedly paid doctors thousands of pounds.

Police say the scam was so sophisticated that in some cases they even underwent operations where the tissue of real cancer victims was substituted for their own."
Thief steals car with OAP inside
For all my non-British readers: "OAP" is an "Old Age Pensioner"
Man defends housing dogs in bus
Lived with 29 dogs in an old school bus
Fisherman speared by blue marlin off Bermuda
Aquatic life joins the animal revolt
China freezes out Pyongyang
"CHINA'S relationship with its former satellite North Korea is unravelling fast, underlined by reports yesterday that the People's Bank of China has frozen all North Korea's accounts."

Let the countdown begin!
Amnesty 'cyber dissidents' plea:
"Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! have breached the Universal Declaration on Human Rights in colluding with China to censor the internet, Amnesty International has said."
Solar boat makes London splash:
"The UK's biggest solar-powered boat has made its first journey on a lake in London's Hyde Park."
Boy rescued in India pit drama:
"He had fallen down the narrow hole, which had been left uncovered by construction workers, while was playing and was found hours later when villagers heard him crying. He is believed to be uninjured."
Canoeist stabs bear to death in Ontario
Some humans are offering resistance to the animal rebellion
Teen Uses Discovery Channel Tip To Escape Alligator Attack
Just do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

ProteinNanoparticle Material Mimics Human Brain Tissue:
"A composite material consisting of a horse protein and metallic nanoparticles displays magnetic properties very similar to those of human brain tissue, scientists have found"
Researchers use metamaterials to alter light's path, speed: "Making light travel backwards at negative speeds that appear faster than the speed of light."
Electromagnetic space travel for bugs?:
"Life on planets such as Earth or Mars could have been seeded by electrically charged microbes from space, suggests a new study."
Dying deer given CPR:
"“One guy was giving compressions and the other guy was giving it mouth-to-mouth,” Rogers said. “I couldn’t really look over there because I was starting to laugh too hard. It had to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in law enforcement.” "
Hungry alligator gets a reprieve
Human collaborator offers $1,150 [?!?] to save it
Space tourists offered walkabout:
"Space Adventures say the optional excursion will cost $15m (£8m) on top of the $20m cost for the flight."
George Michael gets caught doing it again!
"MEGA-RICH pop superstar George Michael this week sank to new levels of depravity—trawling for illegal gay sex thrills in a London park.

News of the World investigators caught the singer red-handed and red-faced as he emerged from the bushes after cavorting with a pot-bellied, 58-year-old, jobless van driver."

Saturday, July 22, 2006

MIT Created Fiber Web Sees Everything:
"The optical system is comprised of mesh-like webs of light-detecting fibers, which can calculate the direction, intensity and characteristic properties of the light wave being detected."
Pig circle that's top of the crops
Crop circles go silly this year
Exactly what kind of tourists do they want?
Be sure to click through and watch the animation
Dog-cooking, tree-taking school-burner may lose job
"A Chinese headmaster, who tried to buy off colleagues by cooking dog meat for them after secretly selling off trees around the school, ended up setting fire to classrooms when the meal burst into flames, a Chinese newspaper said Friday."
Man in Chicken Suit Cries Foul Over Abuse
"To Steven Turnage, it was bad enough to dress up in a chicken suit and stand along a city street in 105-degree heat. Having passers-by shoot bottle rockets at him has him crying foul."
Girl Survives Lightning Strike That Evaporated Gold Cross Pendant on Her Neck
God tried to get her, but he got her cross instead!
Driver test ends with a bang ... or 5
"A 16-year-old boy apparently had a seizure during his driving test, causing him to hit five vehicles, flip his Jeep and wreck the front of a store."
Kansas Police Find Two Starving Girls in Parents' Basement
Evil stepmother only fed them when dad wasn't travelling on business!
Spain revisits civil war past:
"Tuesday's poll found that just over half the supporters of the Popular Party, the main present-day conservative opposition party, believe that Franco was right to topple Spain's democratically elected left-wing government in 1936.

In addition, 42.6% of practising Catholics said they shared that view - but so did almost one in five Socialist voters."
45 turn up for Geldof gig:
"Live 8 hero Bob Geldof has been forced to cancel two concerts in Italy because of lack of public interest, after only 45 people turned up to see him perform in Milan"
Meet the Remote-Control Self:
"Hiroshi Ishiguro is a busy man. Between his two jobs, countless meetings and presentations, his demanding schedule was eating up all his time. So he built an android version of himself to pick up the slack."
Silver Linings and a Cross of Gold
"It turns out there's an upside to the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah—if you're waiting for the second coming of Christ."
'Terror' Bust On Subway
Giuliani's tactics still seem to be useful! Let's see if they follow up on the relative!

"Ashish Nayyar, an Indian national, was spotted puffing away on a cigarette by the plainclothes cop on the elevated No. 7 train platform at Queensboro Plaza around midnight Thursday, law-enforcement sources said.

The officer issued him a ticket for smoking. When he did a warrant check on the smoker's name, he discovered Nayyar was on the terror watch list...

Nayyar had a Patrolmen's Benevolent Association card on him from a relative who is on the force, police sources said."
Poland moves against former spies
Purging communist collaborators 17 years+ later
Rocket Gallery in Haifa
Photo gallery of Katyushya targets
Handler killed by elephant in Tennessee
The animal rebellion continues!
Town relieved after gator grab
Second 'gator captured this week in Massachussetts!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Man Accused of Luring Underage Girls to Cemeteries for Sex Pleads Not Guilty
"A man who prosecutors say lured underage girls he met on a vampire-related Internet site to cemeteries for sex pleaded not guilty to rape and sodomy charges."
Live death freeze show
"The first-ever footage of a person Liquid nitrogen being cryonically frozen after death is to be shown on Channel Five"
The price to pay for cheap beer
"People in Feckenham claim to have unearthed an 800-year-old scroll, written by Henry III, which decrees the village should remain independent forever.

And, in a move echoing the Ealing Comedy Passport To Pimlico, they have created their own currency and set up tight border controls to keep out any immigrants."
Bloomin' great!
Flower covered Chevy
Pot doesn't lead to heroin.
Scientists still trying to make up their minds
Zimbabwe: Country's Zeros Baffle Computers
Mugabe's economic incompetence finally triggers computer crisis.
Police Say Chef Beat Up Co-Worker:
"The executive chef at a popular grocery store was arrested after police said he beat a fellow chef because her appetizers were cold."
Drinking Can Be Dangerous
"People who drink alcohol are up to four times more likely than non-drinkers to be hurt from physical injuries such as a fall or punch"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Man Sues Over Sperm Bank Hidden Camera
Once again, the Smoking Gun has the docs!
Feeding homeless outlawed
No word about pigeons or squirrels however
Radical Cleric tries to join Beirut evacuation
"Omar Bakri Mohammed tried but failed to join the naval evacuation of British nationals from Lebanon's capital Beirut, it was reported today. Bakri attempted to join evacuees boarding a Royal Navy vessel on Wednesday, but was rebuffed 'at the harbour gates by sharp-eyed officials'
He headed the radical al-Muhajiroun group in London until 2004, and praised the hijackers who carried out the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001 as the 'magnificent 19'."
No extra cooler time for freezing mom
He's just gotta pay back the $35k in social security checks she got after she died.
Karaoke Undermining Communism in China!
"The Ministry of Culture has issued new rules to prevent "unhealthy" songs from ringing forth in the singalong bars...Among those judged the most unclean was "Boat Tracker's Love," condemned for lyrics such as "I can't wait for the sun to set so you can kiss me as much as you want to." Those less inclined toward maritime themes might consider "Office" by Xuecun, with the line, "We spend a lot of nights together as you cheat on your husband by telling him you're working overtime."
Demon dog's deadly exorcism:
Deringer claims to have driven The Beast from more than 1,700 dogs.
31 dogs, 16 cats, a rabbit and several turtles
And we wonder why there is an animal insurrection!
Naked man arrested in Suffolk
"A naked 30-year-old Virginia Beach man was arrested over the weekend after he broke into a house in southern Suffolk, destroyed two birdcages and freed about 15 chickens and four pigeons, police said."
Thieves Steal 14-Foot Inflatable Sheep
"All the thief or thieves left was a handwritten note at the scene of the crime that read: "For the sheep, bring peace to the earth."
Woman reports man at library kissed her feet, sucked her toe
Why do all the freaky pervs always seem to lurk at the library??
Bystanders caught in Manilow cross fire
Giving teens the Noriega treatment pisses off neighbors
Customer Subdues Robber With Applesauce
"The suspect shot himself in the head during the struggle, and passed out after the 66-year-old customer administered four blows to the head with the Mott's applesauce."
Man charged with indecent exposure at Arby's
"Decatur police Tuesday arrested a man for allegedly masturbating in front of an employee at the Arby's drive-through window."
Excesses found in Homeland Security card purchases
"Following were some expenses:

More than 2,000 sets of dog booties, costing $68,442, have sat unused in storage since emergency responders decided they were not suited for canines assisting in Gulf Coast recovery efforts.

Three portable shower units were bought for $71,170 from a contractor who investigators said had overcharged the government.

Twelve Apple iPod Nanos and 42 iPod Shuffles, priced at $7,000, were bought for Secret Service ``training and data storage.' Because the Shuffles cost less than $300, the Secret Service said it was not required to track them to ensure that they were used properly.

Thirty-seven black Helly Hansen designer rain jackets, costing nearly $2,500, were bought for use in a firing range that the Customs and Border Protection purchaser later acknowledged shuts down in rain.

Conference and hotel rooms at a golf and tennis resort at St. Simons Island in Georgia, worth $2,395, were reserved for training 32 lawyers when they could have used a federal training center.

A beer-brewing kit and ingredients were obtained for more than $1,000 for a Coast Guard official to brew alcohol while on duty for the US Coast Guard Academy. ``The estimated price for a six-pack of Coast Guard beer was $12,' the investigators said, adding: ``Given that the six-pack cost of most beers is far less than $12, it is difficult to demonstrate that the Academy is achieving cost savings by brewing its own beer.'"
Violence in Israel caused by 'gay' event?
Rabbis blame God's anger at upcoming Gay Pride parade for Hezbollah attack
Secrets of ocean birth laid bare
"Geologists say a crack that opened up last year may eventually reach the Red Sea, isolating much of Ethiopia and Eritrea from the rest of Africa.

The 60km-long rift was initially sparked by an earthquake in September."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chinese black helicopters circle Google Earth
"Those among you who like your skies darkened by black helicopters are invited to mosey on down to the remote Chinese village of Huangyangtan which hosts what must be the strangest military installation ever spotted by the Google Earth Community"
Chinese Mob Runs Riot in Online Fantasy World Over Japanese Flag Symbol!
"Early this morning over at the Netease game 'The Fantasy of the Journey West,' there was a mob scene of cursing players at the area known as 'Jianye city government office.' The reason was that this Tang dynasty 'government office' had a background that looked like a 'Rising Sun.'"

Includes screenshots of the mob action!
C4 screen masturbation event
"Channel 4 is to screen footage from Britain's first 'marathon masturbation' event.

Hundreds of sexual exhibitionists – both male and female – are expected to attend the charity event in Central London early next month."
Extortion scam turns online sexual predators into prey:
"Michael Barnett, 22, and his wife, Maria Catini, 21, used their computer, posed as a 15-year-old in search of sex, lured potential predators to an encounter and then robbed them."
Ark. Gov. to Pardon Keith Richards' Ticket
Rolling Stone was smoking pot when busted for reckless driving back in 1975
Surgery removes electric blanket from python
"It took surgery to save a 12-foot Burmese python after it swallowed an entire queen-size electric blanket — with the electrical cord and control box."
Woman Who Said She Was Swimming To Israel Rescued
Swimming from Long Island!

Hat tip to Kara!
Before the white man came? War
"We've deluded ourselves into believing in the myth of the noble and peaceful primitive"
Robber's gamble too far:
"An armed robber who held up a string of betting shops in Croatia was arrested after he returned to one to place a bet."
60 Somalis Arrested for Watching Videos:
"Islamic militiamen who rule Somalia's capital arrested about 60 people for watching videos in several overnight raids in the capital, an Islamic court official and residents said Wednesday.

The roundup was the latest move by the militiamen to forcefully apply their strict interpretation of Islamic law, a practice that has stoked concerns that they want to remake Somalia after Afghanistan under the Taliban"
Airline Scraps Online 'Hoffa' Game
Humorless whiners strike again
Gone to the dogs: the girl who ran with the pack
"This is 23-year-old Oxana Malaya reverting to behaviour she learnt as a young child when she was brought up by a pack of dogs on a rundown farm near the village of Novaya Blagoveschenka in Ukraine. When she showed her boyfriend what she once was and what she could still do — the barking, the whining, the four-footed running — he took fright. It was a party trick that went too far and the relationship ended."
The Boy Who Sees with Sound
A real-life Tommy!
Haunted police station?
"The Meenapur police station of Muzaffarpur district located about 25 km from the district headquarters appears to be haunted by the ghost of an English policeman.

Whosoever tries to sit on the 'coveted chair' of the officer in-charge (OC), he either goes amuck or lands in some trouble. "

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Study Finds Beaches Sicken 1.5M in Calif.
Swimming in contaminated water
Pirate Update!
5 attacks last week in places like Indonesia, Vietnam, Venezuela and Angola
Family finds another meteorite
Norwegian meteorite bombardment update!
In the cockpit
"Major 'Y', an F-16 pilot in the Israeli Air Force, writes about his unusual experiences of the past several days."
Guy confuses sumo with American TV wrestling
"After exchanging angry words with Chiyotaikai following his loss, Roho punched through a window of a bathroom door, showering his conqueror with broken glass.

Roho, whose real name is Boradzov Soslan Feliksovich, then slapped two photographers just moments after being reprimanded by sumo officials."
Woman blinded in one eye by carrot:
"A 46-year-old man is accused of assaulting his wife with a carrot, causing her to lose sight in one eye."
Unpaid taxes could be Bonds' downfall
Looks like da Feds are gonna pull an Al Capone on him!
"The easy money Barry Bonds made by aggressively selling his name, likeness and sports equipment through his Web site and brief autograph sessions in hotel conference rooms could prove to be the embattled slugger's legal undoing."
Saddam 'warns Syria against alliance with Iran'
Even Saddam thinks Hezbollah fumbled this one!
Doomsday cult worries Kenyan leaders
"Christian leaders in Kenya are expressing concern about a cult that claims the modern world will end on September 12, with a nuclear war beginning in the Middle East."
W Africa black rhinos may be extinct
Humans take down another species
Tsunami Kills at Least 174 on Java Island
Indonesia suffers yet another Tsunami!
Veteran Hooker Becomes Local Landmark
"Brigitte, a blond, big-bosomed prostitute with a heart of gold, has been plying her trade on the streets of Koblenz for 47 years. She's so well known now she even had a role in a promotional film for the region"
Dutch will allow paedophile group
"Judge HFM Hofhuis ruled that the Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity Party (PNVD) had the same right to exist as any other political party."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hooters Chairman Robert Brooks Dies at 69
"'Good food, cold beer and pretty girls never go out of style,' he told Fortune magazine in 2003."
Jump to Prevent Global Warming
"The slightly disheveled professor states his case on, an Internet site created to recruit 600,000,000 people to jump simultaneously on July 20 at 11:39:13 GMT in an effort to shift Earth's position.

Niesward claims that on this day 'Earth occupies one of the most fragile positions in its orbits for the last 100 years.' According to the site, the shift in orbit will 'stop global warming, extend daytime hours and create a more homogeneous climate.'"
Scientist Seeks Burger Investors
"A U.S. scientist has developed a process to grow cow cells into full-size hamburger overnight but he can't get anyone to invest in the process."
Manilow tunes annoy residents
"In a move reminiscent of U.S. efforts to drive former Panama strongman Manuel Noriega from the Vatican Embassy where he took refuge in 1989, the local council in Rockdale, in Sydney's southern suburbs, started a six-month trial of high-volume hits by Manilow and Doris Day to chase away car enthusiasts who were gathering on weekend nights at Cook Park Reserve."

Hat tip to Dave!
How to Marginalize an Astronaut
Whatever you do, for God's sake don't mention the Aliens!
World's first batterypowered plane flies in Japan:
"The glider-like plane with a single-seat gondola and a 31 meter (102 feet) wingspan was powered by 160 AA 'Oxyride' batteries which have been produced by Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. since April 2004. "
Cosmos as computer: It's more than a metaphor:
"'[The universe] computes itself. The universe computes its own behavior. As soon as the universe began, it began computing. At first the patterns were simple, comprising elementary particles and establishing the fundamental laws of physics. In time, as it processed more and more information, the universe spun out ever more intricate and complex patterns, including galaxies, stars and planets. Life, language, human beings, society, culture -- all owe their existence to the intrinsic ability of matter and energy to process information.'"
For Whom the Bridge Trolls
"Hiding out under a bridge, high on LSD, charging passersby a dollar to cross your path makes you many things..."
The Super Jump!
"In August 2006 an extraordinary project will bind France, Canada and a single man for an historic supersonic free fall. Michel Fournier will drop out of the stratosphere from an altitude from about 130,000 feet (40 kilometers, nearly 25 miles) above the plains of Saskatchewan, Canada, and will contribute to the development of future technologies and the safety of stratospheric flight."

He's aiming to beat Joe Kittinger's altitude record and break a few more while he's at it!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

AZ ballot could be ticket for $1M prize
"There's going to be a new reason for Arizonans to go to the polls this year: They could win $1 million."
For Tyrannosaurs, Teen Years Were Murder:
"Beginning at about age 14, tyrannosaurs suffered death rates of nearly 23 percent a year, according to a new study."
Timberlake's hidden drug binges
"Justin Timberlake insists that nobody will ever see him taking drugs or getting drunk - because he gets high in the privacy of his own home, away from the public eye"
Enron Deaths Considered Suspicious
The conspiracy cooker keeps on popping
Love Parade back after 3-year absence
I've been to two of them and they are wicked fun!
Laptop porn tied to mayor's resignation:
"City officials say 'hard-core' images were found on city computer"
The Hezbollah Salute!
"Photos from several Hezbollah gatherings. We'll let you draw your own conclusions."
Man gets 150 years for child porn
He was running kiddie porn websites and making vids
Today is National Ice Cream Day
Be sure to get a scoop or two!
Snakes in Car
The reptile insurrection continues

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Patient wearing oxygen mask sparks fire
That's why you don't try lighting a cigarette if you're on oxygen!
Smiling Defendant Removed From Court:
"A murder defendant who wouldn't stop smiling was removed from the courtroom before being sentenced to death for killing his former girlfriend."
His photo alone is worth the click!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Meteor explosion recorded over Oslo Fjord area
Norwegian meteor bombardment continues!
Pete Coors apologizes in drunk driving case
Beer magnate and former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Pete Coors was arrested on a drunken-driving charge and is due to appear in court next week."
Toby Young's Book Party: Best Fight Ever
See what happens when self-obsessed narcissitic enemies encounter each other at a book party
Prison inmates croon for kids
However, child rapist among credits for CD raises eyebrows in Ohio
Naomi Campbell faces new abuse suit
She's truly a psychotic monster

Thursday, July 13, 2006

US Cracks Europe GPS Satellite Codes:
"Cornell University Professor Mark Psiaki said he and colleagues cracked the coded data being beamed to Earth by a prototype orbiting satellite.

That, The Telegraph said, is potentially devastating for the EU, which wants to charge high-tech firms license fees to access that data, before they can make and sell compatible navigation devices to the public."
Dog Blamed for Hitting Woman With Truck
"A police dog that was left in a pickup with the engine running apparently knocked the vehicle into gear and ran down a woman who was walking to her mailbox."
Test of private spacecraft successful
Robert Bigelow, billionaire patron of paranormal and UFO research decides to go find the aliens on his own...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

75 Questions to Ask Any Progressive:
Greg Gutfeld enrages them again at the HuffPo
Celebrity Liar of the Year! Paris is on a sex ban
"The socialite thinks that steering clear of all sexual activity will help her to 'rediscover' herself."
Excitement over gas giveaway leads to crashes, arrests
Gasoline madness strikes Milwaukee
Big Dig probe now focusing on death
Investigators find 60 more problems in the tunnel - let the investigations begin! You don't burn $14 billion in Massachusetts without a buttload of corruption going on in the background!
Racist pollie scalds France stars
"'When I say that France's team is composed of blacks, Islamists and communists, I am saying an objective and evident thing,' Calderoli was quoted as saying today by the ANSA news agency."
They're back
Alien Black Triangle returns to Phoenix after 9 years for another light show
FCC combing air tapes for dirty words
"In its continuing crackdown on on-air profanity, the FCC has requested numerous tapes from broadcasters that might include vulgar remarks from unruly spectators, coaches and athletes at live sporting events, industry sources said."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Detective spoof wins coveted bad-writing prize:
"Guigli's winning entry read: 'Detective Bart Lasiter was in his office studying the light from his one small window falling on his super burrito when the door swung open to reveal a woman whose body said you've had your last burrito for a while, whose face said angels did exist, and whose eyes said she could make you dig your own grave and lick the shovel clean.'"
TomKat baby legit?
Does Suri really exist, or was Perez Hilton correct in claiming that Katie's bump was always non-human?
MySpace gains top ranking of US Web sites
Presumably we can look forward to even more stupid teen antics
Rogue Giants at Sea
"Enormous waves that sweep the ocean are traditionally called rogue waves, implying that they have a kind of freakish rarity. Over the decades, skeptical oceanographers have doubted their existence and tended to lump them together with sightings of mermaids and sea monsters.

But scientists are now finding that these giants of the sea are far more common and destructive than once imagined, prompting a rush of new studies and research projects."
Microsoft shuts down Windows 98
If you are still using it, for God's sake upgrade to Linux!
Mongolians honour Genghis Khan
It's the 800th anniversary of the Mongol Empire!
Man's Quest to Trade Paper Clip For House Successful
"One year ago, the 26-year-old blogger from Montreal set out to barter one red paper clip for something and that thing for something else, over and over again until he had a house"
Mushroom drug produces mystical experience
Shroomers rate the experience as one of the top events of their life!

Hat tip to Kara!
Woman killed when part of ceiling falls in Big Dig tunnel
Boston's ongoing $14 billion fiasco takes its first life
UFO Hacker 'to fight US extradition'
He knew Too Much About Flying Saucers...
Exploding Air Bag Injures Suspected Thief:
"'He was attempting to steal what we consider an air bag and apparently as he was trying to steal the air bag, the air bag deployed, causing him life-threatening injuries"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Chlorine gas leak poisons 169 in northwest China
Rusty pipe at a chemical factory - where are the environmentalists now?
Record number rally to Redneck Games
"America’s Summer Redneck Games were a roaring success in East Dublin, Georgia. Events included the mudpit belly flop, bobbing for pigs’ feet, the big hair contest, horseshoe with lavatory seats and the armpit serenade."

The photo alone is worth the click!
Yet Another Reason Not To Be A Political Activist In Washington
Tragic crime victim or perhaps a message to Kos and the "reality-based net-roots"?
Man electrocuted during theft, according to police:
"The price of copper is hovering around $3.50 a pound, according to the New York Mercantile Exchange. Since 2003, copper's prices have nearly tripled." But the lethality of transformers and high-voltage powerlines remains unchanged...
Tobacco may kill 1 billion this century
Smoke 'em while you can still buy 'em, 'cuz you know where this is going!
Crop circles appear in Norfolk
It's that time of the year again...
West mounts 'secret war' to keep nuclear North Korea in check
"Intelligence agencies, navies and air forces from at least 13 nations are quietly co-operating in a “secret war” against Pyongyang and Tehran."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

"A School Is No Place For A Gun"
The Smoking Gun extracts a precious gem from the 900+ page Columbine docu-dump from last week.

The teacher's comment: "Thorough + logical. A few formatting problems however. Nice job. 69/75"
Weapons in outer space
In war, you always want to seize the high ground
Brothels glad Italy in World Cup final:
"Svetlana from Omsk said: 'It's been a total flop. The fans are all celebrating with beer instead of sex.'

But according to Marlene, 29, from Poland, the Italian fans have saved the day. 'After a win they are in a great mood and love celebrating with us and after a bad game they need comforting.'"

No doubt the ladies will be pleased with tonight's result!
Beware the White Van Man
They like to come close when passing cyclists
Real-bearded Santas flood toasty Missouri town:
"More than 280 Santas and 250 Mrs. Clauses are in Branson this weekend for the first convention of the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas."
Sex abuse father pleads guilty but avoids jail
"A man who sexually molested his daughter 10 times as part of her 'sexual education' was spared jail yesterday.
Acting Chief Judge Tony Skoien told a Townsville District Court that jailing the man would only cause more pain to the victim."
Glory holes at the University of Memphis:
"There is a 'glory hole' drilled in the wall between the two stalls in the first floor men's bathroom in The University Center. And it has been there for a while. 'Glory holes' are fist-sized holes, through which people anonymously perform various sexual acts."
Bandstand veterans send yobs packing
Teen-aged hooligans smacked down by WWII vets
The scariest road in the world!
Islamist courts flog teens
It's no longer fun being a stoner in Somalia!
Yet another reason not to pick your nose!
"A girl shopping for birthday cards was stunned to find one had a photo of her dad as a child - picking his nose."
Father of 'Fined' finally allows name change
"After nearly two decades of ridicule, a Vietnamese father has agreed to change his son's name from 'Fined Six Thousand and Five Hundred' -- the amount he was forced to pay in local currency for ignoring Vietnam's two-child policy."
Help Me Get A G5:
"Dude asks for $5000. Internet responds. Dude rewards by blowing up his computer."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rise of modern-day pirates
Mainstream media finally catching on to the reality of modern day piracy

Friday, July 07, 2006

Lightning Strikes Teenager Listening To iPod
Makes you wonder what he was listening to...
Hello? Michael Jackson calling ... and calling
"Jurors in a lawsuit against Michael Jackson on Wednesday heard increasingly frantic phone messages that the singer left for a business associate"
Senator's comments irk Indian-American community
Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Two Royals From Tonga Killed In Bay Area Drag Racing Wreck
King's nephew and his wife were killed after teen aged girl sideswiped their car at 100mph
Columbine documents released
Now you can download the unique insights and writings of the teen killers
A trip to North Korea
Russian web-designer blogs about his recent trip, including photos
Google hates religion!:
"The world's most powerful Internet company has a message for the billions of faithful people around the world: Go to Hell."
Fifa to fly kung fu abbot to final
Yes, Grasshopper, it is ok to watch footie!
Cooking with Liquid Oxygen
"A short film clip of lighting of the grill with 3 gallons of liquid oxygen"
The Tangled Webs of Drugged Spiders
Looks like spiders and caffeine don't mix!
Video of Pentecost Island Land Divers
Remember the "bungee" jumping (actually, vine-jumping) natives? We got video now!
Britain's most polite armed robber:
"'This man used a knife or a hammer to threaten shop staff and onlookers. They were terrified. No amount of 'pleases', 'thank yous' and 'sorrys' can alter that.'"
Subway Rider Sliced in Power Saw Attack:
"A man grabbed two cordless power saws off a subway station workbench and went on a rampage Thursday, swinging the saws at riders and slicing open a man's chest before running away, police said."
How to deploy the SAS:
"A secret military file found in a roadside ditch reveals how SAS troops and bomb disposal experts would be deployed in the event of a terrorist blitz."
Kenny-Boy Update: Lay's Death Complicates Efforts to Seize Assets
"In yet another bizarre twist to the Enron saga, the sudden death of Kenneth L. Lay on Wednesday may have spared his survivors financial ruin. Mr. Lay's death effectively voids the guilty verdict against him, temporarily thwarting the federal government's efforts to seize his remaining real estate and financial assets, legal experts say.

'The death of Mr. Lay in all likelihood will render the government's hard-fought victory null,' said Christopher Bebel, a former federal prosecutor based here who specializes in securities fraud."
Airborne Ray Guns For The Fleet
The U.S. Navy has puts its first ray-gun equipped fighters into service. OK, that's a slight exaggeration, but does accurately describe the new APG-79 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar being installed in carrier based F-18Fs."
Bear swills booze with back seat pizza
Pizza, liquor and a convertible!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fallen Soldier Gets a Bronze Star but No Pagan Star
Wicca not an approved religion at the DoD
The freak accident that left my son obsessed with sex
"A skiing accident left Alexander Laing with severe damage to the frontal lobes of his brain. He has become reckless in his sexual behaviour, losing his inhibitions."
For the paranoid only!
Because you won't like this otherwise!! You've all been warned...
Nine held over Galapagos sub ride
"They had been hired by a group of 24 Russian tourists on a luxury yacht who allegedly paid $120,000 for a four-hour submarine trip through the Pacific Ocean archipelago, authorities said. The yacht carrying the Russian tourists has left Ecuadorean waters."
Russia Boots ABC News
Pooty-Poot gives them the boot!
Oops! Tech giants floored by monsoon
Yet another reason not to oursource to India!
Lab-grown cartilage fixes damaged knees:
"Tissue engineering can effectively fix damaged knee cartilage, researchers have shown for the first time. Cartilage cells donated by patients were grown on scaffolds in the lab before being implanted back into their knees. More than a year later analysis showed the cartilage had matured successfully, even in patients with osteoarthritis."

If we stay alive long enough, they will be able to do this with lots of our parts!
Kenny-Boy Conspiracy #1
First kernel to pop out of the popcorn cooker:

July 5, 2006 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Just as WMR was looking into reports from our sources that investigators were checking into the stashing of Enron money in off-shore secret bank accounts prior to Enron's collapse, comes word from Aspen, Colorado that Enron founder Ken Lay, who was convicted of various counts of fraud in the largest corporate collapse in history, died from a massive heart attack while vacationing at his Aspen home.

Ken Lay is taking to the grave a number of secrets that are politically and criminally embarrassing to the Bush crime family...
Aliens implant mini-transmitters in human bodies to control Earth
If they print it in Pravda, it's gotta be the truth!
Three charged with stealing Coca-Cola secrets
Whatever you do, don't talk about the cocaine!
Cameraman Fined for Allegedly Enticing Cyclists to Ride Through Deep Floodwater
What's that old saying -- "If it bleeds, it leads"?
Sharapova Gets An Unexpected Eyeful At Wimbledon
Streaker does nude cartwheel in center court.
Freak of the Week! Piece of man's skull falls off, draws crowds
With photo!

Warning - not for the faint of heart...
Forget the Missiles, This is Even More Bizarre
"For example, food and fuel supplies sent to North Korea have been halted, not to force North Korea to stop missile tests or participate in peace talks, but to return the Chinese trains the aid was carried in on. In the last few weeks, the North Koreans have just kept the trains, sending the Chinese crews back across the border. North Korea just ignores Chinese demands that the trains be returned, and insists that the trains are part of the aid program. It's no secret that North Korean railroad stock is falling apart, after decades of poor maintenance and not much new equipment. Stealing Chinese trains is a typical loony-tune North Korean solution to the problem. "
Whale shot in front of tourists
"Eager Norwegian whalers didn't do much to boost the image of their country's tourism industry this week, when they gunned down a whale before the eyes of tourists out on a whale-watching expedition"

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

53.75 Hot Dogs in 12 Minutes:
Takeru Kobayashi does it again and wins for the 6th time
The fraud of primitive authenticity:
"Two billion war deaths would have occurred in the 20th century if modern societies suffered the same casualty rate as primitive peoples, according to anthropologist Lawrence H Keeley, who calculates that two-thirds of them were at war continuously, typically losing half of a percent of its population to war each year."
Then all at once, a country song broke out
"A Des Moines man was arrested on suspicion of operating while intoxicated Saturday after allegedly crashing into six parked cars, running over his dog and hitting his own house."
Geordie wakes after stroke with new accent:
"A woman spoke of her distress yesterday at emerging from a stroke to find that her Geordie accent had been transformed into a Jamaican one"
Déjà Vu, Again and Again
What do you do when you are trapped inside the Matrix and nobody believes you??
Witchcraft ban ends in Zimbabwe
Let's see if it can deal with government-created mass starvation!
This ice cream won't help you beat the heat - it will fan the flames:
"Along with milk, sugar and the other usual ingredients, the ice cream is made with three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. It's so spicy that just touching it makes your fingers feel hot."
Pirate Update!
6 incidents last week, including this uncommon outcome:
"26.06.2006 at 1830 LT at Huangpu port, China.
Two robbers boarded a bulk carrier and entered master's cabin. Master raised alarm and crew apprehended the robbers and handed them to police. "
Dear Friends,
Apologies for the light blogging - it's a holiday-ish weekend here in the States. Things will resume shortly, weather permitting

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Size Of Our World
Just to put all your problems into context
NORAD air bases on heightened alert
No reason given - N. Koreans? Aliens? Asteroids? You make the call!
All about the Internet from Alaska's own Senator Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens
The breathtaking stupidity of the political class on display like never before!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Crowd Attacks Driver After Accident
"A group of people chased and beat the driver of a livery cab and his passenger in Brooklyn yesterday after the driver lost control of his car and swerved into an 8-year-old child on a bike, according to the police and several witnesses. The driver apparently lost control of the car, at 92nd Street and Clarkson Avenue in East Flatbush, at 5 p.m., because his passenger was trying to rob him, the police said"
Judge Throws Out 'Mafia Cops' Convictions
"A federal judge tossed out the convictions of two retired New York City detectives today on racketeering charges — including eight murders for the mob — because the statute of limitations had run out, even though there was overwhelming evidence the men had committed 'heinous and violent crimes.'"
Drug probe targets Aristide
Media-darling of Haiti looking pretty dirty!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Genealogists discover royal roots for all:
"Even without a documented connection to a notable forebear, experts say the odds are virtually 100 percent that every person on Earth is descended from one royal personage or another."
Scientists Develop Way to Harness Footsteps:
"The tremors from passing trucks, the rumblings of speeding trains, and even the pitter-patter of little feet could soon be captured and converted into energy to light walkways and buildings."
Animal Mutilation Update
Probably occultists this time.
Pro-Palestinian hackers hit Israeli sites:
"Hackers have attacked 750 Israeli internet sites, including that of the country's largest bank, to protest against Israel's military operations in Gaza."
Pirate Update!
Asia Unites Against Piracy
Dog of the wild going home
On the loose for more than 3 years